Carleigh Clarke, 2016-Present. 
Program: Biochemitry, 3rd year.
Project: Validating a cost-effective Adiponectin ELISA for use with human serum and plasma (2016-2017). Examining the effect of chronic inflammation on monocyte phenotype and function (2017-2018).

Logo Warille, 2017-2018.
Project: Development of a bioassay to measure endotoxin and other bacterial ligands in human serum and plasma.

Halla Rahman, 2017-2018.
Project: Using dried blood spots (genplate) for targeted DNA methylation analysis.

Vikas Kohli, 2016-Present.
Program: Biochemistry, 4th year.
Project: Assessing the performance of immunophenotyping by flow cytometry using cryopreserved whole blood and the development of a comprehensive monocyte subset stain.

Meena Al Saigh, 2016-Present. Co-supervision with Dr. Michael Glogauer (UofT)
Program: iSci, 4th year.
Project: DNA methylation signatures discriminating neutrophil subsets and periodontal disease.